Flat Roofs Advantages and Disadvantages
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Flat Roofs Advantages and Disadvantages

Flat roofs are common throughout Arizona and are favorable around the Phoenix Metro area for homes and businesses alike. It’s important you have professional roofing contractors for flat roof installation and repairs for your residence or business, because the roofs will also require special routine maintenance over time.

Advantages of Flat Roofs | Pros

Flat Roof Advantages Comprise of:

Its price. The most noticeable advantage for flat roofs is the price: the materials are less costly, because they don’t have any  curb appeal; the labor is less costly given that there is a reduced a risk in installing them, and flat roofs are quicker and easier for installation, lowering the overall labor. They also have reduced issues in damages and/or repairs, making it a lower expense over the lifetime of the roof.

Quick Installation. The next awesome advantage of having a flat roof is that because their installation is faster, there is less time to move in! Also, if there are any repairs in the future or when you inevitably need to have the roof replaced, the re-roofing installation process is typically fast and painless. You don’t have to clear your schedule and deal with roofers – a lot of roofing flat roofs can be installed in less than a day!

Enhances outdoor space. One other favorable advantage of flat roofs is the enhancement of useable outdoor space. When your property is on a small lot without much of a yard, a flat roof can be a excellent outdoor gathering space for entertaining guests or just relaxing. It is also the perfect place to start a rooftop garden, have solar panels installed to save on electric bills, or whatever else you may want!

Easily Maintained. Flat roofs are ideal for maintenance since they are a lot more safe and are easier to inspect regularly. Going over sidings, cleaning out rain gutters, or just repairing a hole becomes easy because there is less of a concern falling off of the roof every time you’re up there.

Disadvantages of Flat Roofs | Cons

Flat Roof Disadvantages Comprise of:

Attractiveness. Flat roofs are not thought of as attractive, and they most likely won’t blend as easy into a neighborhood as their pitched roof counterparts. Additionally, whereas they do offer more outdoor living space, they have the potential of less indoor living space, because there is no room for an attic or loft in the house.

No insulation. Flat roof structures have a lot less space for insulation and as a result, can be more impacted by extreme temperature differences.

Stability. Buildings that have flat roofs are less firm and their diminished ability to prolong weight naturally, so the roofing contractors will need to counterbalance somewhere else in the construction to give strength to the building.

Lack of roof drains. Flat roofs additionally do not drain like pitched roofs drain, so your roofing contractor will need to install additional drain systems to guarantee that the roof drains properly.

In Conclusion

Once you’re aware of the potential advantages and disadvantages of having a building that has a flat roof, you should be able to make a concise decision if you believe a flat roof is for you. One way or the other, give Paul’s Roofing a call and we will work together with you to design your new flat roof.

Professional Flat Roofing Installation Services

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